Monday, January 25, 2010

the Christmas season!

So the holiday has come and gone and we haven't posted
anything for a long time. So here are a few clips during Christmas time.
We were so happy to get to spend a lot of time with our family and friends.
My mom and her good friend Mandy at an Ugly sweater party.

My mom and dad with their Ugly xmas sweaters.

My sister , Ashlin and I at her house for a party.

Me and my dad with my new puppy!
Her name is Isabella, Izzy for short.

Waiting anxiously to open our presents at our grandparents house on Christmas.

And we finally open up our presents,
I got some new dog stuff for my puppy.

Lovely picture of our family on Christmas day.

On Christmas day, at our Grandma and Grandpa Estrate's house.

At our house on xmas morning.
Our mom and dad got us lots of presents.

My sister Cambria got a big new doll house from Santa!

Look at what I got from Santa, a new puppy, just what I asked for.
He even delivered her in a nice box.

Cambria opening all her presents on Christmas eve with our Dad's side of the family.

Grandma Julie with all the grandkids on Christmas Eve at our house.

My mom, Grandma Julie and Aunt Kristin

Me and my cousin Madison opening presents.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Decorating!

Christmas time is one of our favorite times of the year,
the family gets together for dinner, we get to help
mom and dad decorate around the house and we even
get to see how beautiful our house is with all the
decorations up around the living room.
So over the weekend we helped our mom and dad pick out a
tree and then decorate around the house.
This is the naked tree, we must dress it up!

We went through all the boxes of Christmas
decorations and there was a lot of stuff.

We found a Santa!

Our dad brought in a ladder for us to
climb on so we could reach high.

Even Cambria got to climb high.

Cambria was a good helper.

Just putting some finishing touches on the tree!

Santa can get to our stockings easily.

So beautiful!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

California Trip!

We went to California this month to visit relatives and go to Disneyland.
It was sunny out the whole time we were there.
Look at the beautiful princess castle with the lights at Disneyland!

We got to see the faires, Raindrop and Rosetta

We waited in line for 45 minutes to see the fairies,

the longest line we had to wait in at Disneyland

I got a birthday surpirse at Club 33

How cute.

Outside Club 33 , Disneyland

Face painting at disneyland

Lots of Birds!

Look at all the birds!

Playing in the ocean!

Haley and Cambria with their cousins Skylar and Sierra

Swim suit time in november, at Laguna beach

Where's Haley, in the sand!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween time just past, look at all the fun we had carving pumpkins and dressed up in our costumes. Haley was a cowgirl and Cambria as a Cat.

Cambria next to her pumpkin that mommy helped her with.

Dad and me carving pumpkins.
Getting our hands nice and dirty.


My beautiful pumpkin!

Here is all of the finished pumpkins.

Haley the cowgirl.

Cambria and Alex before going out to trick or treat.

Cambria, Haley and Tess before trick or treat time.

Haley and her friends at school.

Cambria the Kitty!